Hi Everyone! Welcome to my new blog

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Thank you to everyone for taking some time to read what I have to say! I have been thinking about starting a blog for a few months and decided to just take the plunge.

Our Story

Over the past year, my wife and I have slowly realized¬†the normal middle class life we have been living has left us with a mountain of debt. We had little hope of the picturesque retirement you see on TV. Between student loans, a car loan, a personal loan and a credit card (whose interest free term date was quickly approaching) we found ourselves $170,409.52 in the hole. This simply wouldn’t do.

We each began figuring out ways to reduce our expenses, increase our income and otherwise become more fiscally responsible adults. Over the course of the next several posts

  • I’ll bring you all up to speed on how we found ourselves so far behind
  • What we have already done to help remedy the situation, and
  • Our plan moving forward

I would love if you learned a thing or two from the mistakes I have made. But I also welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have for us going forward. (Please no criticisms of past mistakes, if we didn’t realize we’d screwed up time and again we would’ve never made it to this point, we get it.)

My ultimate goal is to use this blog as an accountability tool as we work our way out of debt and begin moving towards financial independence all on our way to finding our frugal.

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